Monday, June 27, 2011

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Two men - a middle-aged boxer with epilepsy and a younger man fall in love in rural Chile, they feel the need to escape to the big city - but will that be their answer? An intense drama set far from the gay capitals of the world.
A diet with too much sugary American rom-coms is not healthy for any gay filmgoer. So add diversity with this searing non-stereotypical Chilean love story. Set in a small southern village in Chile, two men are the focus of the drama: a young sad-eyed Hugo, directionless after just burying his mother and the gruff, middle-aged Octavio, a barber and amateur boxer, who fights despite being epileptic. The two, after long harboring attraction for each other, break taboos and become lovers. When Octavio is forced to retire from boxing, the two decide to head to Santiago for a better life. But when Hugo becomes uncomfortable close with a female co-worker and Octavio becomes frustrated by not boxing, something has to give. A truly unusual, moving and tender story about two very different working class men determined to love despite the obstacles. (Spanish with English subtitles) -- Raymond Murray

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Some films just surprise you. You hardly expect anything from them and then they spring out like something totally worth spending your time and money on. This Chilean drama is beautiful poignant and even sad. It shows what love is all about, it doesn't have to by mushy but it is all about what you feel internally.

Hugo has just lost his mother and leading a very mundane life. He soon becomes captivated by a boxer Octavio who is diagnosed as epileptic. Although Octavio keeps his tough and masculine facade, it is he who make the first move on Hugo. Life in a small town in southern Chile is hard for the two, for they can never be accepted in their community, and work is very hard. After Octavio finds out that if he boxes again he might die, Octavio and Hugo pack their bags to start a new life in the capital of Chile. Octavio gets a job as a barber and Hugo also manages to get a job. There he meets this girl who gets instantly attracted towards Hugo. Meanwhile, Octavio get s a boxing gig which he just cannot refuse because he needs money plus he misses boxing too much. When this girl one day shows up unannounced at Hugo's home while he is not there, she tells Octavio that her and Hugo are a couple. This doesn't go down well with Octavio who feels hurt and leaves the house immediately. His last fight is coming up soon which will give him enough money. But destiny always has some other plans for us and the film ends on a very sad note.

This was a truly unusual, moving and tender story about two very different working class men determined to love despite the obstacles. Like I mentioned, there might be many scenes that show heir physical relationship and mushy romance but this film shows it more realistically where they are there for each other, they care for each other, cook together etc. This i what happens in a real life. Both the lead characters have acted their part so well and with such conviction that they fit their roles to T. It does get a little boring somewhere in the first few reels but the ending does break your heart. I am up for a realistic good drama any day over a big budget crap.

This film will definitely touch you at somewhere.

By Golu

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