Sunday, February 05, 2012

My Last Round /Göteborg International Film Festival/

The young Hugo is powerless to resist the middle-aged boxer Octavio?s raw magnetism and surrenders to his advances. They start a relationship which is deemed unacceptable in their small hometown in southern Chile. At the same time, Octavio is faced with a diagnose that may jeopardise his boxing career. They move to Santiago to begin a new life together, but nothing turns out the way they expected. This knockout debut and study in masculinity is characterised by beautiful, grainy cinematography and a controlled narrative, slowly winding up the drama. There are qualities reminiscent of the Dardenne brothers and Aronofsky?s The Wrestler. The atmosphere of the film is as compact as the cloudy skies above Santiago. A real wallop.
Niclas Goldberg

Section: HBTQ

Friday: 27/1 17.30
Bergakungen 3:
Saturday: 28/1 15.00
Bergakungen 3:
Thursday: 2/2 22.30
Haga 1:
Price: 80 SEK

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