Monday, June 27, 2011

Mi Ultimo Round (Afiche)

Director Julio Jorquera makes his directorial debut at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival with My Last Round (Mi Ultimo Round), an astounding and heartfelt story from Latin America.

The story follows Hugo, a shy man, who goes unnoticed in a small town in the southern region of Chile. The daily routine, and needless attention he gets from women, is no longer something he appreciates – that is until he meets Octavio, a local boxing champion, who is standing at the crossroad too. The deep romance takes both characters by surprise and soon they find each other confronting jealousy, and love in an intimidating atmosphere.

Jorquera creates a mesmerizing world in My Last Round, from the complexities of a small town to the isolating world the main characters choose to live in. The performances are simply brilliant anchoring the story from beginning to end, and capturing the unpredictable love story.
My Last Round is simultaneously being shown in this year’s TFF, so aside from the public screenings, movie going audiences might also see the film online at the T(O)FF.

TFF Public Screenings: Sun 4/24, Tues 4/26, and Fri 4/29. To buy tickets, or screen online, check out the Tribeca Film Festival official site.

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