Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Last Round NewFest New York GLFF 2011

Screenings 2:00 PM Sun, Jul 24 Cinema Village 1

Set in a machismo-centric town where homosexuality is taboo, the film follows Hugo, a young man that falls in love Octavio, a middle-aged local boxing champion. When Octavio is advised by doctors never to box again for risk of permanent brain damage, the couple attempt to build a new life together, one free of their past. However, the romantic advances of a female coworker threaten to unravel Hugo’s relationship with Octavio, while also serving as the catalyst to drive Octavio back into the ring for one last fight.

Writer/director Julio Jorquera creates a lovely portrait of a relationship between two very different people. For as much as Octavio cares for Hugo, he struggles with keeping his affection away from the eyes of his boxing fans. Meanwhile, Hugo is still discovering his identity, uncertain if he can spend his life with a man who wishes to go back into the ring, despite the knowledge that the next punch could kill him. Jorquera guides the story along with a precise touch, directing both the gentle bedroom moments and the violent boxing matches with equal confidence. From the script to the performances to the soundtrack, this is a strong first effort from a director worth watching.

Review By D.Indalecio Guzmán

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